Celebrating the Holidays and Our Amazing 2019

We always look forward to celebrating the holiday season with our 4Ward Marketing Group teammates. This year is no different, and we have the added joy of reflecting on all our 2019 achievements. We’re enjoying spending time with our colleagues and gaining inspiration for an even bigger 2020. We hope you have a happy holiday season too!

Kwaundel Smith, our firm’s Owner, explained that we have grown, expanded, and learned so much over the past 12 months. We’ve seen our top performers take on leadership roles and watched as new additions to Team 4Ward Marketing Group made great strides day after day. It’s been an inspiring year for all of us when it comes to career advancement. We’ve got some major growth goals already in place for 2020 as well.

We’ve also supported a wide range of good causes over the past year. Our goals for 2020 include ramping up our social impact efforts even more. The holidays have given us a good start here, and we hope to identify several new ways to give back in the next few months. Every time we come together to make a difference in our community, we get a little bit more inspiration to keep tackling big challenges.

It’s been a holiday season to remember around our office. For more on how we’re diving into 2020 with lots of momentum, follow 4Ward Marketing Group on Instagram.

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