Making Connections in Miami

We’re kicking 2020 into overdrive this month as we attend an international meeting in Miami! This event will bring together so many successful people from our industry. We’re excited to soak up as much wisdom as we can while we add to our contact lists. This prestigious gathering is the ideal way for Team 4Ward Marketing Group to dive into the 2020s.

One of the best things about a meeting like this one is being able to learn about the methods being used in other markets. In this case, we even get to find out what’s working well in other countries. It’s always inspiring to be around so many successful people. There’s no doubt we’ll come back to the 4Ward Marketing Group office ready to apply fresh thinking to our event-based outreach campaigns.

As we network at the meeting, we’ll put a couple of key strategies to good use. One thing we’ll definitely do is listen more than we talk. We want our new contacts to remember us as good listeners, and identify common ground by asking open-ended questions. When we collect business cards, we make sure to jot down a few details of each discussion we have. This makes our follow-up messages especially effective.

We’re so excited to make the most of the Miami gathering. Follow 4Ward Marketing Group on Instagram to check out photos and other content from the meeting.

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