Strong communication skills are vital to our success as effective leaders. How we convey and receive information can impact our team’s productivity. Therefore, in our 4ward Marketing Group coaching program, we impart tips on how to be more articulate, listen better, and overall inspire others through our words and nonverbal actions. Here are three tips that we find are effective in any situation:

Go Face-to-Face When Possible: One of the lessons we have encouraged through our 4ward Marketing Group business model is that in-person communication is by far the most effective means to influence others. Compared to written communiqués, when we speak with people directly, we can observe their body language and pick up cues that are otherwise lost. Even a phone call is better than a text when the message is important.

Keep It Concise and Simple: The key to well-received messages is to keep them as short and simple as possible. Avoid jargon that might be missed as well as sarcasm, which is often misinterpreted. Stick with terms that are easiest to remember.

Add Value: When we speak with others, we should focus on how we are adding value for the other person. For example, are we educating them on a topic? Are we providing them with essential information they need to be successful?

We strive to improve our communication every day in our 4ward Marketing Group office.

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