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Manny Is Taking Steps to Further His Career

We take pride in the accomplishments of our team members and enjoy shining our 4Ward Marketing Group spotlight on one another’s victories. We believe a win for one of us makes everyone look good and recognizing each other when we hit personal or professional milestones keeps us motivated and focused.

This month, we’d like to recognize one of our rising stars for their strong influence on our company and culture, and for earning promotions. Emmanuel or Manny as he prefers was promoted to crew leadership. According to Kwaundel Smith, Owner of 4Ward Marketing Group, Manny has an exemplary work ethic and is a driven young professional who has the confidence to succeed. Manny truly is a standout on our team.

Another reason that recognition plays an important role is that it sets up our high achievers as role models for the rest of our crew to look up to. Manny has many leadership qualities worth emulating, such as his goal-oriented mind-set. Manny is adept at setting and achieving objectives and using these as metrics to measure progress and determine direction.

Congratulations again to Emmanuel for taking the next step on in his career journeys – we look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in his new roles. Follow 4Ward Marketing Group on Instagram to see who earns a promotion next.

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