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Our Top Producers Are Sunning it Up in Costa Rica

Our 4Ward Marketing Group travel program takes us to thrilling destinations throughout the year. Most recently, Kwaundel, our President, took Brandon, Melissa, Liz, and Jon with him to a rest and relaxation retreat in Costa Rica. Not only are they being pampered at a luxury resort, but they are with industry frontrunners from across the world, with whom they are sharing best practices and contact information.

It’s not unusual for Team 4Ward Marketing Group to embark on trips. One month might include cross-training in another city, and the next will find us attending a weekend conference for leaders from around the country. However, very few trips generate the level of excitement as the one select team members are on right now.

This particular trip is a qualifying event, with team members working for an entire year to score an invite. We’re incredibly proud to have had so many of our associates qualify for this exclusive opportunity, and we know they will come back refreshed and ready to apply everything they learned in order to further their careers.

Those who earned their way to Costa Rica will also be sharing the knowledge they gain with those of us who stayed behind. This is a standard practice for trips that require qualifications, and it ensures that the whole organization benefits from the experiences of our top producers.

We’re sure our leaders are having a great time in Costa Rica, and we look forward to hearing all about their trip. Like 4Ward Marketing Group on Facebook to see live content from the event.

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