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Start Your Interview With a Memorable Introduction

As a growing company, we conduct interviews frequently. We have to say, we’re usually very impressed by the amount of effort and research that our applicants put into their meetings – and they ask smart questions of their own. If there’s one bit of 4Ward Marketing Group advice we’d like to share with our future candidates, it’s this: don’t overlook the importance of a great introduction.

The initial, “Tell me about yourself,” request that comes at the front of most interviews is more than just a way to get the ball rolling. It’s a chance for would-be team members to set a tone for the rest of the discussion. Answers should include personal data, of course, but they should be delivered in a way that’s related to the position and our company. The best responses will tie this all together in memorable stories that highlight the applicant’s uniqueness and what makes him or her the best fit for the position.

Our 4Ward Marketing Group counsel is to spend about 15-20 minutes crafting a 30-40 second answer to, “Tell me about yourself.” If the question doesn’t come up verbatim, remember that getting to know one another is the purpose of the interview, so the preparation is bound to come in handy.

Even if you’re meeting with another company, we’re sure you’ll find this strategy useful.

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