Celebrating Leanna’s Leadership Promotion

Leanna is the latest member of Team 4Ward Marketing Group to achieve a crew leadership position, and we couldn’t be happier to put her in our company spotlight! Kwaundel Smith, our firm’s Owner, explained that Leanna sets a great example by working to improve every single day. Leanna is 19 and currently enrolled in school, but that doesn’t stop her from seizing every opportunity for professional growth. Her long-term goal is to open her own office, and we wouldn’t dare bet against her.

From her first days with 4Ward Marketing Group, Leanna embraced our commitment to constant learning. She made the most of the one-to-one coaching that defines our training approach. Ever since then, Leanna has challenged herself to build on every lesson she’s learned. She leads by example in this way, encouraging the rest of us to step up our games and expand our horizons.

Leanna has also made the most of networking opportunities during her time with us. She connects with experts and top leaders at all kinds of industry events, bringing back amazing insights and great career advice. The fact that she’s so open to receiving and applying input from others bodes well for Leanna’s future as a leader.

We’re excited to watch Leanna continue her leadership journey. For updates on her and all our standout performers, follow 4Ward Marketing Group on Newswire.

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