Manny Is Leading Our Expansion Effort to Orlando

We have exciting news: 4Ward Marketing Group is expanding into Orlando! This development is a testament to the effectiveness of our peer-to-peer marketing approach, and also to the efforts of the event manager leading the charge. We wanted to take some time to recognize Manny, who has earned the right to lead our new headquarters in Central Florida and share a little of his career journey.

Manny joined 4Ward Marketing Group after working at a call center, where growth opportunities were limited and values did not align with his own. When he joined our organization, he found exactly what he was looking for in a career and never looked back.

He’s learned several valuable lessons in his tenure with our company so far, such as how to train others, create a team-oriented environment, and keep a positive attitude. He also learned that nobody was going to make him grow; he was in charge of driving his own training. It’s a lesson he picked up on fast, putting in extra time to enhance his skill set and learn our system.

Manny feels that his time with our team has forever changed his outlook on the future. In fact, he was surprised to find that many of the lessons we taught helped him become more successful in his personal life as well, a benefit that he feels is unique to our organization’s training program.

We’re sure that Manny will be a great success in Orlando, though we’ll be sad to see him go. Like 4Ward Marketing Group on Facebook to follow the expansion effort.

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