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Nashville Owner’s Meeting Brings Many Rewards

We always look forward to 4Ward Marketing Group travel opportunities, and we’re looking forward to a rewarding one in June. Our team headed to Nashville, Tennessee for an owner’s meeting, where we’ll have the chance to interact with and learn from some of the most accomplished leaders in our industry. Kwaundel Smith, our firm’s Owner, explained that the one-to-one learning at these kinds of events is invaluable and difficult to attain anywhere else.

Along with all the learning and networking potential, we also get to build stronger bonds with our teammates every time we travel together. We try to make the most of what any destination has to offer, so we were especially excited to visit Nashville. There’s so much great music, food, and entertainment in the city, so we had no shortage of options when we weren’t picking the brains of our industry’s top leaders. We always come back to the 4Ward Marketing Group office freshly inspired to work together on innovative on-site solutions.

Kwaundel added that we also become more flexible and adaptable with every travel event. Even the smoothest trips feature some unexpected delays and schedule changes. When we’re back on the job, we’re better equipped to handle the twists and turns of our evolving industry.

We’re excited for our next chance to hit the road. Check out the 4Ward Marketing Group Newswire feed for updates on our travel plans.

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