PRESS RELEASE: Highlighting Kwaundel, 4Ward Marketing Group’s Director

TAMPA, FL – With another successful year coming to a close, the firm’s Director of Operations shared some information about himself and goals he has for 4Ward Marketing Group in the next twelve months.

Before becoming the Director of a peer-to-peer marketing firm, Kwaundel studied business and played football at Temple University. He was also working part-time for grassroots political campaigns. These experiences helped shape him into the business leader that he is today, giving him the background and perseverance needed for success.

Still, Kwaundel considers his role as Director of Operations for 4Ward Marketing Group to be his greatest achievement to date, though it’s not a stopping point. In the future, he plans to expand beyond one office and establish a presence in the Atlanta, NYC, Sacramento, Denver, Boston, and Rhode Island markets.

To point himself in the right direction, Kwaundel is currently focused on several short-term goals. Among those objectives are to close 100 sales in one week as an office, help team leader Jon advance to running his own office, and help two other associates earn promotions by January. He’s also determined to increase the size of the company roster to 30 team members by the new year.

Benefits of Joining Team 4Ward Marketing Group

One of the defining characteristics of 4Ward Marketing Group is its supportive and empowering office culture. Individual associates thrive in their own careers while also being rewarded for their contributions to group goals. This creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and collaboration that inspires achievement.

Another benefit of being on Team 4Ward Marketing Group is the immersive training program. Novice event managers rotate through every department, gaining a big-picture perspective of the firm’s operations. This gives new ambassadors the chance to work on projects in real time, being coached by a variety of project managers who each worked their way through the organization from entry-level positions.

There is also the chance to work with accomplished leaders like Kwaundel, who gives this advice to every new team member that joins the firm: Enjoy the journey. If they let it, being part of 4Ward Marketing Group will be the ride of their lives. If they do what others won’t now, they will do what others can’t later.

With this attitude and the drive to back it up, it’s certain that Kwaundel and his ambassadors for good will have a tremendous 2019 in store. Find out more about joining 4Ward Marketing Group by visiting the company’s Careers page.

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