PRESS RELEASE: 4Ward Marketing Group Rocks the Dallas Conference

TAMPA, FL – Kwaundel Smith, Owner of 4Ward Marketing Group, took several top performers to a weekend leadership conference in Dallas. He discussed the benefits of the trip, and of the company’s travel program.

One of the most exciting perks 4Ward Marketing Group has to offer is travel, according to Smith, and the trip to Dallas was an incredible way to kick off 2019. The chance to learn from and connect with industry leaders from across the country while also sharing best practices with other rising stars was more than worth the effort it took to qualify.

The best of the best were there, giving keynote speeches and sharing their knowledge at dinners and cocktail hours. There was also a prestigious awards ceremony in which high achievers received the recognition they deserved, along with a chance to share stories of inspiration and overcoming challenges. Smith said that he loves being able to take Team 4Ward Marketing Group to these conferences, knowing that they will come home more driven than ever before.

Ways That Travel Benefits 4Ward Marketing Group Professionals

Business trips are an investment, but one that Smith is glad to make. He knows that there are many advantages to 4Ward Marketing Group’s travel program that make it worthwhile. For instance, having team members attend the Dallas conference allowed them to see the scope of the customer acquisitions industry, and just how much opportunity there is to advance and prosper in this field. When people’s horizons are broadened, they set bigger goals and achieve more success.

Also, professional networks are assets that Smith wants all his team members to possess. Networking provides access to a greater pool of knowledge than any one person can gather on his or her own, and creates more possibility for future business deals. When people from 4Ward Marketing Group venture to places like Dallas, Smith ensures they have access to connections that will encourage personal and professional growth.

Even the folks that didn’t go to Dallas received benefit from the event. While there, Smith and associates shared content in real time, and took notes so that they could share the knowledge they gained at the home office. This was educational for everyone, and those who didn’t qualify for Dallas are now even more motivated to go to the next conference.

The Dallas trip was an overwhelming success for 4Ward Marketing Group. Smith is certain even more people will join him for the next conference.

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