PRESS RELEASE: 4Ward Marketing Group Hits Number One!

TAMPA, FL – The Owner of 4Ward Marketing Group discussed a major accomplishment the firm recently notched and the emphasis on goal setting that fueled it. He also highlighted a few reasons why ongoing training is essential.

Kwaundel Smith, the Owner of 4Ward Marketing Group, announced that the firm recently became the number one office in the country. He explained that his team worked hard and broke some major records to achieve this milestone and is already well on its way to reaching even higher benchmarks. Smith added that the recognition of being the preeminent office in the country is very exciting and that the firm’s event managers are grateful.

Smith also explained that a strong focus on setting ambitious goals keeps the team on the right track for huge achievements. The firm’s ambassadors for good set the bar higher with every big win they achieve on behalf of change innovators. Recognition is also a big part of the 4Ward Marketing Group ethos, so even minor milestones are celebrated. This keeps team members motivated and engaged as they work toward their highest targets.

When they put objectives in place, members of Team 4Ward Marketing Group are sure to be as specific as possible. Having clear visions of success in mind allows event managers to carefully plan the action steps that will ensure consistent progress. Smith added that knowing where they want to end up also makes it easier for team members to measure their progress and adjust when necessary.

4Ward Marketing Group’s Owner on the Importance of Ongoing Training

Continuing education is a point of emphasis in the 4Ward Marketing Group office, and it fuels the team’s ongoing success. Smith explained that internal seminars, trips to leadership conferences, and a host of other learning methods help the firm’s event managers keep up with the state of the industry.

When company leaders invest in their team members’ improvement, a more engaged workplace is the result. Smith noted that the firm’s event managers are satisfied in their work and perform at their best because they know they have plentiful opportunities to improve. It’s easier for people to aim higher when there’s always another chance to learn around the corner.

Smith also explained that team members are more productive and efficient thanks to their ongoing learning efforts. When it comes to emerging methods and new technology, the firm’s event managers are well equipped to thrive well into the future.

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