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PRESS RELEASE: Jon Climbs Higher Up the 4Ward Marketing Group Career Ladder

TAMPA, FL – Jon has been promoted to Assitant Owner for 4Ward Marketing Group. Kwaundel, the firm’s Owner, highlights Jon’s leadership traits and the power of the company’s comprehensive training program.

Jon is Kwaundel’s right-hand man and is learning everything he needs for success from his 4Ward Marketing Group mentor. There is no doubt that assistant owner is just a stepping stone for Jon; with Kwaundel guiding him, he is sure to reach the highest levels of achievement available in peer-to-peer marketing, up to and including being the Owner of his own satellite office one day.

When discussing Jon, Kwaundel noted that he has many qualities that make him a solid candidate for advancement. Jon’s a self-starter, for example, and he’s determined to exceed even his own expectations. He has clearly-defined career goals that provide him with the motivation to bring his A-game to work with him every day, and he’s hungry for success. With these traits, plus the thorough 4Ward Marketing Group training system, there are no limits to what Jon can accomplish in both his personal and professional life.

The Power of 4Ward Marketing Group’s Commitment to Continual Learning and Development

4Ward Marketing Group’s approach to developing talent is at the heart of the company’s success, according to Kwaundel. This starts from day one, when novice associates are paired up with experienced team members for one-to-one coaching and guidance. This, plus workshops, seminars, and even travel to conferences and retreats, means that the chances to learn and grow never end. People who are driven to achieve their goals, like Jon, understand the value of such a comprehensive curriculum and embrace all the learning opportunities they can, knowing that as they expand their minds the possibilities for career success increase as well.

Recognition is another way that talent is fostered at 4Ward Marketing Group. When hard-working ambassadors for good like Jon are honored for their efforts, morale goes up because trust and loyalty increase. This is the rationale behind our internal promotions policy. People appreciate working for a company that gives credit where it’s due and will put 100 percent effort into their careers with confidence as a result.

Congratulations again to Jon for taking advantage of the training and mentorship available at 4Ward Marketing Group and moving forward in his career. His success is an inspiration to everyone on the team, and as Kwaundel’s go-to guy, his star will continue to rise.

About 4ward Marketing Group:
4ward Marketing Group takes customer engagement to the next level, which makes them an unbeatable force. They know how to expand markets fast for the organizations they represent. Through the firm’s management training program, team members become adept at key practices that allow them to customize one-on-one consultations for maximum results. Their precise approach includes insights gained from market research which allows them to perfectly position organizations to reach new customers. By using proven techniques, 4ward Marketing Group executes campaigns that build fast momentum and lead to superior outcomes. Organizations of all sizes turn to this firm when they want the best. Learn more at 4wardmg.com.

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